Building the Settlement



JUNE 2017...Two months in today.
Been wonderfully settling into this place: my new web home. I love how
this gathering of different "wrx" are coming together.

There are 174 Items at present, on site. In the Handmade Store you'll
find 18 Categories of little "boutiques." There are 94 Active Items for
sale today. I've been adding about 5 or more a day. Should fill fast!

I still have other things to bring over from Etsy too, oh and, my signature
Graphics... like prints of my Faith, Hope, & Charity Angel Paintings.

Many pieces of my Art-Wrx from over the years are going to be magically
whipped into convenient downloads! Yep! You read right!  No shipping fees,
or waiting... just pay and play! Yep, instantly download my ready-to-print
Art-Wrx and Calligraphy prints. You'll be able to print them from your printer
or take the file and have it printed professionally. That will be fun!

"Nuffa Said!" Have a great weekend!... ♥angee


I think this is a good start and since you have a big interest in this stuff, I think it would be really an enjoyable ride for you. I wish you all the very best with what you are starting here.

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