Cherry Red Ford Truck an Artisan Dollhouse Scale Boy Toy


This tiny Red Ford hand made toy Truck is a vintage model waiting to take off on the road again. It's soon to find a home perfectly placed in a cute little dollhouse boy's room. After all, no boy's room should be without a perfect Red Toy Truck. Shiny Red Ford Truck is so perfect even grown men are amazed as they ooo and ahhh over it!

My Cherry Red Ford Truck measures approx 7/16" long x 5/16" wide x 2/8" wide x 2/8" tall. It's intricately hand sculpted and detail painted, and is an individual one-of-a-kind piece of sculpted artist signed work. An excellent collector's gift for that adult car collector or truck enthusiasts too. Because no molds are used, yours may be slightly different than the photos... each is unique. It has detailed silver hubcaps, headlights and windshield; all, mysteriously small.

This is a fragile handmade collectible that should not be used as a toy for children. Please handle with care. Intended for serious adult collectors of miniature art. Item is made when ordered. Ships in 3-5 days via USPS First Class w/ tracking. Copyright © 2012-2017 All rights reserved including design, photos and item description copy.