Escargot Manor a Natural Apple Snail Whimsy House


Naturally designed, Escargot (snail) Manor is home to an array of little wonders. Its tiny snails, resting Bumble Babe with real baby dragonfly wings, deer moss, lichen, twigs & grasses complete this miniature fantasy world. Get lost in it!

Aout: THE ESCARGO MANOR... This huge real apple snail is now a faerie home. Escargot Manor's front door is slightly open, with a little window and an overflowing, hand sculpted, purple and lavender filled micro flower box. The inside of the snail shell is empty. When placed in front of a light source it beautifully shows the real snail shell's translucence. In front of the manor, is a hand sculpted faux rock pond with shimmery water and tiny floating snail. (All snail shells are real, including the tiniest) Miniscule purple and lavender flowers, acorn tops, green mossy grass and other natural parts fill in the scene. The side tree twig supports a tiny sleeping Bumble Babe. Around back are lots of real minute snail shells, tiny hand sculpted snails, handmade flowers & leaves, real green mosses, sage colored deer moss, and curly lichen. A naturally sweet scene of tiny wonder!

This natural apple snail shell measures 2.5" wide x 1.75" deep x 2.25 tall. The snail opening measures 1.5" wide x 2" tall.The 2" wide x 2.5" tall The twig tree beside the pond supports a tiny hand sculpted 1/2" micro Bumble Babe resting in a real acorn cap bed. The Bumble Babe's wings are real wings!

Escargot Manor was individually designed and handcrafted by me. All of its parts that are not natural are hand sculpted from polymer clay, There will never be another one exactly like this one as no two natural snails are ever the same. It's truly One-Of-A-Kind; an artist signed, art piece. It comes anchored in a 3 1/4" square clear collector case.

Because Escargot Manor is a fragile piece of art it is shipped carefully packaged by priority mail to insure it is in postal hands as short a time as possible.

~♥~This is not a toy for children but a fragile piece of sculpture intended for collectors of small miniature art.  Item is made when ordered, takes 2 weeks to create, and ships carefully packaged by USPS Priority Mail with tracking.
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