Gingerbread Boy & Girl Gift Tags Set of 8 Different Peeps


Eight (8) different Gingerbread People Gift Tags, no two the same, 4 pairs of clay boys and girls. These little cuties are ready to identify each wine glass so holiday party guests will know which is theirs. Tie them to a gift so they become an extra "gifty" ornament for the recipient's tree. Hang them from your car mirror to celebrate in style. String them together for an awesomely sweet clay garland. Such fun they are.

Boy & Girl Gingerbread people each measure 2" x 1.75". This cute set of 8 are unique and differently hand sculpted. Each comes with a tiny ribbon tie for attaching to glasses or gifts or each other. (they all have a tiny hole in each hand). All are flat and smooth on the back so you can write your "To's" and "Froms" or Guest Names easily with a Sharpie pen.

Set is made when ordered & takes 5 days or less to create. Ships USPS First Class w/ tracking.
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