Meet Brainard a Mini Shrunken Elderly Head


Have you met "BRAINARD?" From his severed neck to baldish head, Brainard measures less than one inch! This awesomely hand sculpted, shrunken head brings a realistic shriveled touch anywhere a little spooky fun is needed. Meet "BRAINARD" the smart one!

"BRAINARD" is a very detailed, hand sculpted, one-of-a-kind work of art in all his big brained goriness. Because no molds are used he is unique. There is no other in the whole wide world! He has threaded eyes and mouth, as well as some sparesly implanted long grey hair, beard, and mustache. His embedded hanging wire can be bent to use him wherever you want to show him off. No two will ever be exactly the same, although I may make others. Yours will be all yours.

♥ Suspend him from your car mirror. People will actually stop at your car and comment.
♥ For that extra gruesome Halloween touch, hang him from a chain as a jewelry pendant .
♥ Show him off in your haunted 12th scale mansion, witch's lair or lab for a realistic, goulish look.
♥ Hang him off the side of your computer, sit him on a shelf or office desk where space is limited..
♥ Meet "Brainard's" other friends... "Skulky" and "Headmond"  Collect them all, play and Enjoy!

Not a toy for children but a fragile piece of sculpture for serious collectors of miniature art. Item is made when ordered & takes 5-7 days to create and ship USPS First Class w/ tracking. Copyright © 2017  All rights reserved including design, photos and description.