Micro Blue Airplane is Now Boarding


Micro Blue Airplane is a 1:12 scale miniature dollhouse boy toy. Hand sculpted and painted, this cute collectible Airplane is an awesome piece for that extra little boy realism in any 1/12 dollhouse boy's room, room box, or toy store. I love this extremely tiny Blue Airplane, and it happens to be the favorite of my boys all ...big and small.

The Micro Blue Airplane has silver wings, nose and tail, a white underbelly and the tiniest row of windows. Intricate and detailed the painted body measures 1/2" long by 1/2" from wing tip to wing tip. Individually hand formed, no molds are used. The plane comes artist signed on the bottom by me ... a.chase

~♥~This is not a toy for children but a fragile piece of sculpture intended for collectors of small miniature art.
Item is made when ordered, takes 3-5 days to create, and ships USPS First Class.
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