Micro Rose Basket

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My wee tiny Micro Rose Basket in a lovely Cottage Chic style is a hand sculpted one-of-a-kind tiny pearly white basket with 3 pink roses and pale green leaves. It's a lovely little addition to any girly decor, dollhouse bedroom or room box. It is so much cuter and more detailed in person than the photos will allow.

My very tiny basket and all its parts are totally handmade from clay. The basket measures 1/2" long x 1/2" wide x 5/8" tall. The basket bottom is sculpted in the shape of a leaf with a twisted handle, and tiny front accent flower. It's loosely painted pearly white and contains a dark pink rose, a light pink rose, and a very tiny pink rose bud. It also contains two little leaves of light and dark green.

~♥~This is not a toy for children but a fragile piece of sculpture intended for collectors of small miniature art.
Item is made when ordered, takes 3-5 days to create, and ships USPS First Class.
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