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Micro VW Bug Metallic Red Car

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This very small micro-mini metallic Red VW Bug just might be the tiniest car you'll ever see, or that I can make. Bearing awesomely tiny black tires with silver rims, I could barely hold it to paint and finish it's miniscule details. Red Bug might be the smallest car added to any collection. You will have to draw attention to it or it might get overlooked.

I'm never quite sure how I sculpt these! This metallic Red VW Bug is a painstaking challenge to sculpt with only my fingers as no molds are used in its making! VW Bug comes artist signed (me) on the bottom.

So tiny I almost couldn't photograph it, Red Bug measures approx. 2/16" long (4mm) x 2/16" wide (3mm) x 2/16" tall (3mm)

~♥~This is not a toy for children but a fragile piece of sculpture intended for serious collectors of small miniature art.
Item is made when ordered, takes 3-5 days to create, and ships USPS First Class.
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