Mini Mug Stach Face Cups, Set of 5 Dollhouse Mini Faux Stoneware Pottery


Adorably rustic, imperfect, and hand sculpted, my 1:12 scale miniature "Mug-Stach" face cups/mugs are made to look like hand thrown stoneware pottery. They were all inspired by real size face mugs. Put tiny flowers or plants in them or sit just one on a dollhouse kitchen cabinet or table.

Unique one-of-a-kind mug collectibles, each of the five are individually hand sculpted (using no molds) They will certainly be noticed in any 1:12 scale dollhouse setting. They measure from 3/8" smallest to 3/4" tallest. Clay colors are natural looking beiges and terra cotta. Since each piece is individually hand crafted, yours will be similar to those shown but uniquely yours.

~♥~These are not a toys for children but fragile, unique, artist signed pieces of sculpture for serious miniature collectors. Items are made when ordered & take 3-5 days to create. Ship USPS First Class w/ tracking.
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