Miniature 3 Piece Nativity Creche Set


My inspired wee tiny 3 piece Nativity is a sweet hand sculpted set perfectly made to display in small spaces. With smooth subtle colors and non-distinct features, not only does this basic starter set represent the Christmas story but can also be displayed year round.

This set includes 3 pieces... ♥ Kneeling Mary measures: 1" tall x 5/8" deep x 1/2" wide with  Baby Jesus (held by Mary) measuring: 3/8" long x 3/16" wide   ♥ Standing Joseph with staff measures: 1.25" tall x 3/8" deep x 5/8" wide   ♥ Gold wire winged Angel... measures: 1 3/8" tall x 5/8" deep x 1.25" wide (hand to hand) wings measure: 7/8" wide x 9/16" tall (is also sold separately)

All are individually and intricately hand sculpted from colored clay by me using no molds or paint. Each piece is artist signed with my initials on the bottom.

All other pieces to make a complete Nativity set can be custom ordered, or buy the whole 13 piece Nativity Set here:

~♥~This is not a toy for children but a fragile piece of sculpture intended for collectors of small miniature art.
Item is made when ordered, takes 3-5 days to create, and ships USPS First Class with tracking.
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