Miniature Red Chevy Detailed Very Tiny Handmade Car


Take a little ride down memory lane. My way tiny, micro-mini, bright Red Chevy is one of the tiniest additions to any car collection large or small. Red Chevy is a great gift for any adult car collector. You'll have to draw attention to it or it might get overlooked. It's also perfect for any dollhouse scale boy's room.

Red Chevy measures approx. 1/2" long (12mm) x 2/16" wide (4mm) x 6/16" tall (5mm) and is much cuter in real time than the photographs will allow. I'm never quite sure how I magically make them! It has awesomely cute black tires with silver rims and I was barely able to hold onto it to paint and finish it's wee details.

And...of course, NO molds are used in its making! Each is an individual artist signed (very small) sculpted art piece so yours may be sightly different than the photos.

Although it's small enough to swallow with ease, it's not reccommended for children. This is a fragile handmade collectible intended for serious collectors of miniature art. Handle carefully or it may get lost!

Item is made when ordered & takes 2 days to create. Ships USPS First Class w/ tracking. Copyright © 2012-2017  All rights reserved including design, photos and item description copy.