One Dolly Dollhouse Miniature Toy Choose Your Color


Original Dollhouse Dollies are 12th scale hand sculpted miniature Baby Dolls made from polyclay using no molds or paint. Each different colored Dolly wears a cute outfit with matching shoes. They have coordinated hats or hair styles and are decorated with micro flowers and micro bead buttons.

Choose ONE from these colors: Patty Pink, Olivia Orange, Yolanda Yellow, Greta Green, Belle Blue, or Lolly Lavender. Each Baby Doll measures about 1 3/8" in a stationary sitting position from toes to hat tip. The coin for sizing in the photos is an American dime that measures 5/8" (16mm) in diameter.

Each Dolly is individually handmade and unique. I may make others similar to yours but no two will ever be exactly the same. Dollies are not toys for children but fragile sculpture for collectors of small miniature art. Handle gently.

~♥~ Item is ready to ship in 3 days, and ships USPS First Class with tracking.
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