Shroom Garden Whimsy Hut Tiny Fantasy Mushroom House


"Shroom Garden Whimsy Hut" is a slice of Faerie green that will make you look forward to Spring no matter the time of year. This sweet little scene is filled with creatures great and small. Its intricate details create the tiniest truly amazing wee wonderland of its own. This artisan sculpture is much smaller, more detailed, and cuter in real time than any picture can portray.

Sitting atop the greenest grassy knoll, this little Spring mushroom community, houses the cutest creatures. The lanky green frog rests on his leaf lounger close to the pea pod boat carrying four baby peas with smiling faces. Coming to visit are the snail, and tiny turtle friends. They all compliment the red spotted "shrooms" that decorate the lawn. In the back, the lady bug family is having a race with the shiny inchworm while the teeny yellow butterfly cheers them on. High on top of the main shroom sits a teal dragonfly with golden wings. The main "shroom" house sports a tiny rainbow flag, and the spotty "shroom" umbrella covers the shiny, tiny blue pond surrounded by multi-colorful flowers around its edge. The bright fantasy green stepping flowers lead to the front door welcoming you too!

Miniature "Shroom Garden Whimsy Hut" measures 2 1/2 " tall by 2 1/2" w. and comes putty anchored in its own 3 1/4" square, clear collector case. See photo #5 for my whole Whimsy Series.

Made when ordered, please allow two weeks to mail out. As a fragile piece of sculpted art, it will be carefully packaged and shipped by Priority mail to insure it's in postal hands as short a time as possible.

This piece is individually handcrafted by me, and sculpted from colored polymer clay including all tiny pieces and parts. There will never be another one exactly like it. Yours will be similar but differ. It's an artist signed unique work of art.

~♥~This is not a toy for children but a fragile piece of sculpture intended for collectors of small miniature art.  Item is made when ordered, takes 2 weeks to create, and ships carefully packaged by USPS Priority Mail with tracking.
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